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CLC Day Camp

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Group Activities


Group Activities


CLC Day Camp - Youth and Teen Group

The Club offers a summer youth program, commonly referred to as "Group," for children, grandchildren, and overnight guests of members only. Eligibility to participate in the youth program and the associated fees, if any, vary by membership type.

A child must be three years old by January 1st to enter Group, and a child who will be thirteen years old by the first day of camp may choose to join Group 4 or the Teen Group

The program for Groups 1 to 4 includes group lessons in golf, tennis, and swimming; arts and crafts; playground sports; water sports; and hiking. Additional special events might include music shows, talent shows, camping, cookouts, and fishing contests.

A parent council, which consists of seven club members appointed by the Club Board of Directors, oversees Group. Day-to-day activities are organized and supervised by a group director, a salaried professional, who is hired by the Club. The group director is assisted by salaried counselors who are also hired by the Club.

The teen group does not have a counselor, but operates under the guidance of the group director. The teen group also offers the older children instruction in golf, tennis and swimming and participation in the counselor-in-training program (CIT).


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