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Candlewood Lake Club Est. 1931

Candlewood Lake Club History

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Candlewood Lake Club History

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Candlewood Lake Club History

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Candlewood Lake Club History

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Candlewood Lake is a man-made body of water, created in the1920's by the Army Corp. of Engineers and the Connecticut Light and Power Company, to be used to generate hydroelectric energy. The flooding of the farmland, which is at the lake bottom, was completed in 1928. The lake is irregular in shape, roughly resembling an "H". It is 18 miles long and has some 75 miles of shoreline.

In 1929, Robert Farley read in the New York Times that "Candlewood Lake was one of the ten most beautiful lakes in the world". The Farley Organization, a well known realty firm in Scarsdale and White Plains, was looking for an opportunity to expand its interests. They jumped at the opportunity available at Candlewood Lake. In 1931 organized Farley of Connecticut, consisting of Robert Farley and his sons, Calvin and Theodore.

Their first purchase, in 1929, was Dr. George H. Wright's "White Farmhouse", now known as the CLC Clubhouse. The Clubhouse, located on a hill overlooking the Lake, is the gathering place today for many social activities including catered dinners, dances, luncheons, private parties, and other social events.

In 1937, the Chimney Point area was purchased from CL&P and added to the development; and the first five holes of the golf course, known today as the "flats", were completed. (While nine holes were originally planned, it was the Depression, and the project ran out of money!) In 1948, two more holes were added, and finally, in 1950, the last two holes were added to complete the nine hole course we enjoy today.

In the early 1950's, Ted Farley indicated that he wished to sell his interest in the Club to the Club homeowners. The CLC Owners Corporation was formed, and in January of 1962, the sale was finalized. The CLC Owners Corp. handled the mortgage and actual purchase. Shares of CLC Owners Corporation stock were sold to the original homeowners to raise money for the purchase. Each share of stock represented the property owner's "stake" in the community and its continued survival. That is still true today.

The mortgage on the property was retired in 1978, three years early, and the Mortgage Burning Celebration was combined with a Testimonial Dinner honoring Ted Farley who left the Candlewood Lake Club that year, retiring to Florida. With his departure, the Club lost its principal architect and guiding spirit. Most of Ted Farley's life was devoted to the development of the Club, and the way of life we still enjoy.

Over the years, under the leadership of the many Presidents and the Boards of Directors of CLC, Inc. and CLC Owners Corp., the Club has continued to make significant improvements including year-round roads, a year-round water system, new wells, new tennis courts, remodeling and re-construction of the Clubhouse, expansion and improvement of the beach and marina, and many improvements to the golf course, including the driving range. In addition, in 1990, CLC Inc. implemented the present all-inclusive "One-Fee" dues structure, which has become the cornerstone of the Club's financial structure and continued financial success.

Today, CLC, Inc., as it has since the Farley’s formed it, continues to handle all social and sports events within the Club, and oversees the day-to-day operation of the Club. It has the responsibility to set and enforce the rules and regulations necessary to govern the community, including election to membership. CLC, Inc. leases the land and facilities of the club from the CLC Owners Corp., which continues to own them.

Candlewood Lake Club offers many opportunities for Members to participate in their favorite recreational activities including golf, tennis, swimming, boating, and a youth program. A full calendar of social events is planned for every year, reflecting the ever changing tastes of the membership.

Designed for families who desire a club centered life, the Club is one of the oldest and best club communities in Connecticut. And, while the Club has evolved over the past 70 plus years, from a summer-only community to a largely year-round community, it remains as described by Ted Farley in an early promotional brochure - "With an idyllic location, with the beach, marina, tennis courts, golf course and delightful clubhouse, and with the peacefulness of being close to nature during every season, the Candlewood Lake Club remains truly a Club in the country".

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